I know nothing about this, but adoption sure does seem a lot better than forcing a baby on a person that does not want or can’t take care of a baby. Kids are not for everyone. You have to compare things to other situations, not just the ideal alternative.

I find it difficult to believe that being adopted as an infant would make any difference at all. I have a kid. She didn’t know anything about anything till she was at least a year old. No way that the first month of her life spent in the NICU is the root cause some trauma decades later. It’s not the same, but to claim that adoption left some sort of neurological imprint or damage seems pretty far fetched.

I’m sure you’re that your feeling are real , but I wonder if you would feel the same if did not know you were adopted. If there wasn’t a negative connotation tied to adoption or if it was more common, would you still feel the same?

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